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Port activities
The port serves as a regional oil and gas distribution, and is used to tranship softwood destined for local sawmills, as a departure point for general cargo for the Lower North Shore, and for handling bulk salt and sand. These last two products are permanently stockpiled. Fisheries and Oceans vessels routinely dock and overwinter here. Many fishing boats use the inner spur wharf to land their catches and load supplies.

Secondary role(s) of facilities
Due to their location, the East and West piers protect the area inside the harbour, as well as the marina located downstream.

Marine references

  • Lat. 48o28'52" N
  • Long. 68o31'04" W
  • Nautical chart: no. 1236
  • Tidal range (mean water level): 4.8 m (1)
  • Height of wharf deck: 6.4 m (1)



Storage capacity

  • Interior: 34 m2 leased to Mines Seleines
    (Space available: 209 m2)
  • Exterior: 30,000 m2
    Surface area already leased: J.R.F: 846 m2,
    Department of National Defence: 4,000 m2,
    Bétonnière du Golfe inc.: 3,600 m2
    Mines Seleines: 6,000 m2
    (Space available: 15,554 m2)


  • Depth: 5.2 m*
  • Width: 60.0 m
  • Length: 1,500.0 m

Other installations (2)
Marina with harbour master's office (Fisheries and Oceans)

Other nearby marine facilities

  • Port of Matane, 98 km East
  • Ste. Flavie wharf (Fisheries and Oceans), 25 km East
  • Trois-Pistoles ferry wharf, 65 km West
  • Port of Gros-Cacouna, 125 km West

Navigation features

  • Pilotage available
  • Accessible year-round (occasional need for an icebreaker)
  • Accessibility may be subject to tides

Other modes of transportation

  • Railway system (1 track)
  • Regional airport nearby
  • Highway 132 nearby

Manoeuvring area on wharf

  • Available width, berths no. 3, 4, 5, 7 (East pier): 22 m
  • Berths no. 1 and 8 (West pier): 16 m
  • Berth no. 2 (crosswall): section closed
  • Berth no. 6 (spur wharf): 16 m
  • Berth no. 3: concrete pad for 200-mobile crane

Available services

  • Fire extinction system
  • Stevedoring
  • Fuel
  • Drinking water
  • Minor repairs

(1) Based on chart datum

(2) Privately owned or other facilities not under the juridiction of Transport Canada but located within the limits of the port or terminal.

The access channel, basin and berths no. 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 require maintenance dredging every two years to keep clearance at required levels.

Physical parameters of facilitiesWest Pier
Crosswall  (closed)East PierSpur Wharf 
Berth number18234576
Length of berths

213 m

30 m

184 m

130 m

150 m

150 m

255 m

113 m

Depth of berths *

7.3 m

3.5 m

7.3 m

7.3 m

7.3 m

7.3 m

7.3 m

4.3 m

Bearing capacity of loading area ***











Cathodic protection system in operation at this facility, precautionary
measures to be taken.


Communicate with the port/wharf warden:

Michel Caron


* These depths may vary and are only provided as an order of magnitude. They are subject to change and are not to be used for navigational purposes. Mariners should rather consult nautical charts and NOTSHIPs.

** Note
The information contained in this technical description may be inaccurate as a result of changes that have taken place by the time this document is consulted or as a result of legislative or regulatory changes. This information is provided only as a guide and the Government of Canada is not in any way responsible for its accuracy.

*** For more information on the berths' bearing capacities, please contact the port official