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East Wharf

East Wharf
East Wharf
  • Total contiguous Berth Length: 340 m X 9.1 m draft 
  • Principal commodities: Forest products and forest fibre, and various break bulk products
  • Indoor storage capacity of 10,370 m2 , large lay-down space
  • Intermodal connection: Marine, Road & Rail


Shed:10,370 m2

Depth low tide:9.1 draft

Length (m):340m

Liquid storage:None


Type of activity:forest products, forest fibre and various break bulk pruducts

West Wharf

West Wharf
West Wharf
  • Total contiguous Berth length :355 m X 10.3 m draft 
  • Principal : aggregate , liquid petroleum , purifitied water
  • Liquid storage, large lay-down space
  • Intermodal connections: Marine, road & Rail
  • Lay down pad with conveyor system to facilitate the loading of woodchips, pellets as well as other Dry Bulk products.



Depth low tide:10.3 draft

Length (m):355m


Type of activity:wood fibre, aggregate, Possible liquid storage and break bulk