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The port facilities are located in fresh water and are accessible year round. It includes 5 berths and a Ro-Ro ramp.

The following facilities are available:

  • a liquid bulk terminal located less than a kilometre from the port facilities and linked to quay B-1 by a network of pipes allows to transfer liquids directly from the ships to the tanks;
  • a railway line linking the port facilities to the CN railway network;
  • a goods handling and storage area that covers 61 hectares (151 acres) of which 14 hectares (35 acres) are paved, lighted and located close to the berths;
  • two pneumatic ship unloaders belonging to the Aluminerie de Bécancour inc.;
  • a gatehouse to control access to the port and a scale to weight hadled goods.

The port facilities of the Société are located in Bécancour, on the South shore of the St. Lawrence River, halfway between Montreal and Quebec City.

Map nos: 1313 and 1336
Latitude: 46° 24’ N
Longitude: 72° 23’ W

Technical Description

Length of Berths

BerthLength in feetLength in metres
B-1 800 244
B-2 492 150
B-3 719 219
B-4 702 214
B-5 958 292
Ro/Ro 69 21

Water Depth: 35 feet, or 10.67 metres

Services Available

Towage, pilotage, traffic marine services, stevedoring, marine agencies, cleaning and environmental services, customs.