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Baie Comeau

Port activities
Baie-Comeau has a car ferry terminal with service to Matane and is a shipping port for exporting the region's manufactured goods around the world.   

Baie-Comeau, with its rail car ferry link to Matane, is the only city in eastern Quebec linking the North Shore to the North American rail network. Rail cargo shipments from as far away as Sept-Îles must be routed through Baie-Comeau to reach Canadian and American markets.

The harbour facilities in Baie-Comeau include 4 berths.

Secondary role(s) of facilities
The federal structure provides a protection to the private wharf belonging to the Produits forestiers Résolu company as well as to the rail ferry and car ferry facilities.

There is no channel between the wharf and navigable waters.


Marine references

  • Lat. 49o14'19" N
  • Long. 68o07'45" W
  • Nautical chart: no. 1226
  • Tidal range
    (mean water level): 4.2 m (1)
  • Height of wharf deck: 7.5 m (1)

Other facilities (2)

  • Marina (Club nautique de Baie-Comeau inc.)
  • Pontoons inside the marina (Fisheries and Oceans)
  • Produits forestiers Résolu wharf
  • Cargill wharf
  • Alcoa wharf
  • Sopor (Cogema) wharf
  • Ferry wharf installations for Baie-Comeau/Matane/Godbout operated by Société des traversiers du Québec

Other nearby marine facilities

  • Port of Sept-Îles, located on the North shore of the St. Lawrence, approximately 210 km East of Baie-Comeau
  • Port Cartier wharf
  • Forestville wharf
  • Godbout wharf

Storage capacity
Interior: None
Exterior: 6,000 m2
Available for rental

Navigation features
Accessible year-round, sheltered mooring basin

Other modes of transportation
Private railway servicing local area, Pointe Lebel regional airport, approximately 30 km West, highway 138 accessible from the water

Manoeuvring area on wharf
Width available on breakwater wharf: 18 m
Width available on Ro-Ro wharf (berth no. 4): 30 m

Available services

  • Ro-Ro ramp:
    • Length: 39.5 m
    • Width: 9 m
    • Height at low tide: 3 m(1)
    • Height at high tide: 9 m(1)
    • Loading capacity: 200 t ±
    • Boarding deck: None
  • Ferry wharf boarding ramp
    (Provincial Government)
  • Fuel and drinking water available by truck
  • Towing service available in the port

(1) Based on chart datum

(2) Privately owned or other facilities not under the juridiction of Transport Canada but located within the limits of the port or terminal.

Physical parameters of facilitiesBreakwater
Berth number1234
Length of berths 155.0
125 m 220.0
Depth of berths * 9.0 m 8.5
8.5 m 8.7 m
Bearing capacity of loading area *** - - - -
Bearing capacity of mobile ramp area - - - 200


Cathodic protection system in operation at this facility, precautionary measures to be taken.

Communicate with the port/wharf warden:

William Smith

Office: 418-296-4296
Fax:  418-296-9582


* These depths may vary and are only provided as an order of magnitude. They are subject to change and are not to be used for navigational purposes. Mariners should rather consult nautical charts and NOTSHIPs.

** Note
The information contained in this technical description may be inaccurate as a result of changes that have taken place by the time this document is consulted or as a result of legislative or regulatory changes. This information is provided only as a guide and the Government of Canada is not in any way responsible for its accuracy.

*** For more information on the berths' bearing capacities, please contact the port official.