High Seas Maritime Agency ltd
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About us

We at High Seas Maritime Agency Ltd. are pursuing our goals to fulfill our mission: To offer more than recommendable agency services, efficient financial management, cost effective vessel turnaround, experienced port call management and most important, our clients trust by taking the agency industry to the next level.

Canadian ports are our main stream of activities and we have learned through years of experience to minimize expenses in and out of port and maximise our customers savings at all time.

Our efforts are driven by:

  • Delivering value through our reputable agency services
  • Ensuring our commitment to customers
  • Consistently demonstrating industry leadership through our esteemed knowledge base
  • Effectively managing our customers assets in minimising operating costs
  • Ensuring honesty in all actions we undertake.

We wish to thank you for visiting our website and the opportunity of a future and ongoing relationship; it has provided motivation and dedication from which we all benefit,

Kristian K. Haddad
President & CEO

Quality policy statement and service promise

High Seas Maritime Agency Ltd. and its management have adopted and fully support a formal and continuing program of review.

Quarterly evaluation and modification of our operations, at all levels, make the company’s ability to provide the highest quality service and financial management, as required by our customers.

The company quality system manual provides the framework through which this process of review and constant improvement are implemented.

It is a company policy to achieve continuous customer satisfaction through the continual improvement of the activities by the planning, setting and implementation of specified and measurable quality objectives by the management team.

It is the responsibility of all at High Seas Maritime Agency Ltd. to ensure the understanding and maintenance of these policies throughout the organisation and to ensure that Quality Objectives are established and communicated throughout.